Mail in Sharpening Prices


Welcome to the Mail in Sharpening section of this website. Take advantage of the reduced pricing, our cost is lower, so we are passing on the savings to you. We provide the same quality sharpening that our dedicated customers expect. You can have access to sharp tools that work right and cut right. When the miles separate us. Mail in sharpening works very well to your advantage.

Stylist and Barber Scissors

  • Convex Edge - $30.00
  • Beveled Edge -$25.00
  • Pet Groomer Scissors
  • Convex Edge - $ 25.00
  • Beveled Edge -$ 20.00

Clipper Blades 

  • $8.75 Each A5 Blades
  • Large animal Blades $9.50 Each
  • Shipping Charges $15.00  With $100.00 insurance. Extra charges for more insurance please request it
  • Free Shipping on orders Over $100.00


  • $.90 per blade inch (10-inch knife is $9.00)
  • Pack all tools so they can’t move and pierce the shipping container
  • 48 Hr turn around time. Week ends, holidays can delay shipping times

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Recent Testimonials

  • “I have been grooming for 15 years and always thought I was cursed as everything I bought (clippers, scissors, and blades) would crap out soon after. Turns out I needed an awesome sharpener. Brian, you're my hero. You may not retire before I do.“
  • “Brian, I'm being a good girl and oiling my blades every day... my clippers are so happy. I remember now being taught to do this in grooming school but had long since forgotten and never did it.. in all the years I've been grooming, no other sharpener explained the importance of this step or told me this is why all my clippers crap out on me. I really appreciate your wisdom and skill.”

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