Time Bring Changes

Posted Apr 18th, 2022 in Scissors

Its Mid April 2022 Its a bit of a cold day here, its snowing and a bit dull and overcast. 

The rising costs to do business in this days market is a bit perplexing to all ! Things are changing fast, which requires us to adapt our ways. 

The hard facts of business, we all still have customers to please and service.

The fastest way to reduce our costs? The best way is to extend the use of what we have, which will reduce our costs. finding a cheaper way usually leads to disappointment because of poor performance. Good quality service is a Investment in your profits and bottom line We are in this together we are working on several projects to help you reduce your costs and help extend your sharpening. Thank you all who trust us with your sharpening Cheers Brian



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  • “Brian, I'm being a good girl and oiling my blades every day... my clippers are so happy. I remember now being taught to do this in grooming school but had long since forgotten and never did it.. in all the years I've been grooming, no other sharpener explained the importance of this step or told me this is why all my clippers crap out on me. I really appreciate your wisdom and skill.”
  • Brian sharpened a pair that I thought were ruined by another sharpener!! They were like new-he even provides a band- aid should you cut yourself - careful "they are very sharp"!! I will be a returning customer

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